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Ski tour

Ski tour
Ski tour
Ski tour
Ski tour
Ski tour

Ski holidays in Kyrgyzstan

As you know, almost 90% of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is occupied by mountains.
In recent years, winter recreation in the country is actively developing. Skiing is very popular now.
For lovers of mountain skiing and generally active extreme rest, Kyrgyzstan is just a godsend!
Many compare the natural landscape and climate with the Swiss Alps. And this is the truth. High mountains and snow-white peaks, different in complexity and length of the route will not leave indifferent even the most spoiled tourists.
In Kyrgyzstan, there are many ski resorts. Everyone can choose the most suitable option for himself. Professionals can choose not rolled high slopes, where they can be delivered on a snowmobile or by a helicopter. For beginners and children - more gentle hills.
For our clients we offer not only skiing at the most famous ski resorts in Kyrgyzstan, but also a tour of winter Kyrgyzstan.
The program of the tour is very rich and rich. This acquaintance with the city, visiting historical places and attractions. It will not do without the pearl of Kyrgyzstan - Lake Issyk-Kul, which does not freeze in winter, and therefore got its name, which in the Kyrgyz language means "Hot Lake".
For fans of hot springs, we have included in the program of the tour bathing in thermal medical springs. This is an incredible feeling when there is white fluffy snow around, and you bathe in the water at a temperature of +40 degrees. Such bathing is very useful for the prevention and strengthening of the body.
Tourists have the opportunity to ride two or even three ski bases in one round.
The program of the tour can be changed depending on the period, the number of people and places visited.
The team of professionals is ready to choose the most suitable route, taking into account individual wishes.
We are confident that specially designed tours will leave you with the most pleasant memories.
Believe me, many who have already visited Kyrgyzstan and skied, come here again and again, bringing with them friends, acquaintances, relatives and discovering something new every time!

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