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Bicycle tours, Enduro tours in Kyrgyzsta, motorcycle tours

Bicycle tours
Bicycle tours
Bicycle tours
Bicycle tours
Bicycle tours

Bicycle tours in Kyrgyzstan

Bicycle tours are a type of organized tourism where you use a bicycle for your travel. This is one of the most popular types of active tourism in Europe, and which has recently become more and more in demand in the CIS countries. In the republics of the former Soviet Union, a cycling tour is a short trip that takes place not far from the place where the camp is broken up. In fact, cycling is an unusual and very interesting pastime, as traveling on two wheels you can see all the beauty of this world.

Let's consider a bike tour as a tour organized by a travel agency. The route you will travel on will never lead you to busy roads with a stream of cars, it will be laid in interesting places, where you will see waterfalls or even castles. During the tour there is always a chance to meet new interesting people. Moreover, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will always help to solve any problem that has arisen.

There are several types of motorcycle tours, such as:

  • Unaccompanied tours
  • guided tours
  • adventure tours
  • Exotic tours
  • mountain biking

Unaccompanied tours are very popular among Europeans, being less expensive compared to other types of bike tours. The travel agency develops a special itinerary with many attractions, book hotels and offer additional services:

  • meeting at the airport
  • booking hotels located along the route
  • route scheme, the so-called guidebook, which describes all the features of the route
  • baggage delivery
  • documents for visa support
  • emergency call service

This tour can be organized both for a group of people and for one person. The advantage of this type of holiday is that you will have cheap and comfortable accommodation, an interesting route and an affordable price.

Enduro tours under the guidance of a guide are the most popular type of activity. A group of people from different places and countries gathers at the agreed place. On bicycles, they set off on a journey under the guidance of a guide, a convoy closes a car carrying the things of tourists. Of course, this is a rather expensive type of service, given the fact that you have to pay for a 24 hour guide service, as well as food if it is included in the package. On the other hand, if you travel with a guide, then you have the opportunity to learn a lot of new and interesting things. And one thing, on this tour you will never have any problems, and especially lack of communication.

Adventure tours - in them you are also accompanied by a guide, there are also tents and backpacks, but there is no accompanying car, i.e. You will have to carry all the luggage yourself, as well as prepare it yourself. This type is suitable for those who want to feel the romance sitting by the fire or spend the night under a torrential rain.

Exotic tours - are organized in an unusual way. Often they are called water biking. In other words, part of the route you are riding a bicycle, and the rest travel on the water.

Mountain biking (enduro) is a tour using mountain bikes designed for driving in the mountains. In this round, the main purpose of tourists is to overcome the route itself.

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