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Tajikistan, though a small mountainous country, has a great tourist potential.

Here you can find a lot of ancient sights. Therefore, those who choose tours to Tajikistan, can see the fabulously rich cities of the Great Silk Road, ancient monuments - reminders of the civilization of Sogdiana.

The history of the state begins even before our era, therefore it will be interesting for all lovers of "deep antiquity" to find the ancient Penjikent with its beautiful palaces, mosques and temples or the capital of ancient Tajikistan - the city of Khujand. He all his history was the most powerful and rich city, since he was lying on the Great Silk Road.

The peculiarity of local tourism is that it is possible to choose routes of different complexity here. You can make hikes in easy terrain, enjoying the beauty of this mountainous region and simultaneously exploring passes and gorges.

In Tajikistan, mountain tourists and mountain climbers, travelers on all-wheel-drive jeeps and motorcycles - enduro, fans of alpine impassability, explorers of ancient buildings, as well as seekers of original legends in solitary high-mountain settlements and wishing to get there, where the human foot has not set foot, go to Tajikistan.

Traveling around Tajikistan, you are guaranteed to get a sea of ​​vivid impressions and the Pamir will stay in your heart forever!

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