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Jalal-Abad region

Jalal Abad

In the south of the Kyrgyz Republic there is a beautiful city of Jalal-Abad. This city is the administrative center of the Jalal-Abad region. It is located at an altitude of about 760 m above sea level and is one of the largest cities in Kyrgyzstan. In Jalal-Abad, a wonderful subtropical climate. In summer the air temperature is maximal +43 C and in winter it is warm enough, the average temperature is close to 0 C. Earlier through this city the branch of the Great Silk Road passed.
Arriving in Jalal-Abad, lovers of natural attractions can visit many healing springs. Not far from the city there is a resort, where you can cure health with mineral waters and useful mud baths. And also in this subtropical area there is a historical museum. In the city there are 3 parks, where you can not have a bad time, relax and have a picnic.

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