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 "Kyrgyzstan is the most beautiful land" - this phrase is not pronounced only by the lazy one.


In reality, acquaintance with these beautiful places, is limited to beach rest on the Issyk-Kul lake. And completely in vain! We want to tell you some interesting facts about this country. Perhaps, this information will be useful to you when planning a trip to Kyrgyzstan, and maybe push you to it.


The country is in the north-east of Central Asia. In the north and north-west the country borders with Kazakhstan, in the south-west with Uzbekistan, in the south with Tajikistan and in the southeast with China. Kyrgyzstan - "Country of Heavenly Mountains" with an unusually rich and unique nature, with ancient history and culture. The nature of the country is often compared with Switzerland. Getting here, people feel themselves as if inside a powerful energy flow. Many people say that this stream, affectionately immerses in a state of absolute harmony with the world. Situated at the intersection of the roads of the Great Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan still keeps unique ancient monuments that are capable of giving a lot of unforgettable impressions to its guests. Throughout the whole territory stretched the two greatest mountain systems of the Earth - Tien Shan and Pamir - with the highest peaks of the world level - Victory Peak (7439 m), Lenin Peak (7134 m) and the most beautiful pyramidal peak Khan Tengri (6995 m).


Kyrgyzstan is a country of not only mountains but also mountain lakes: on its territory there are about 2,000 water bodies. Some of them are not inferior to small seas! The three largest lakes of Kyrgyzstan are Issyk-Kul, Son-Kul and Chatyr-Kul. The beauty of many lakes is so unusual and magical that many legends about their origins are composed from ancient times. Numerous rivers and mountain streams of Kyrgyzstan are rich in waterfalls. One of the most impressive creations of nature !!! The sight of the water freely floating in the air and turning into a cloud of spray can provoke delight even among the most hardened skeptics.


Nomads still wander the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, living in large portable dwellings, called yurtas. They all have horses on their farm, which they use as transport and conduct horseback riding. You can go on a one-day excursion or an exciting tour for a couple of weeks.

The most popular national drink in Kyrgyzstan is koumiss. In Kyrgyzstan, meat is very fond of meat. You will notice this if you happen to share a meal with a local family. There are a lot of tasty dishes here, for example, manti, beshbarmak, kurudak.

The mountain landscape makes the country an ideal destination for skiers, climbers, rafting enthusiasts or hikers, cyclists and people who prefer a relaxing holiday in nature. For people who come to Kyrgyzstan for the first time, this country becomes a real discovery. Beautiful mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, hospitable and benevolent locals, a lot of unique events in which you can take part, a unique cultural heritage, easy access to the country - all this makes Kyrgyzstan a very attractive destination for traveling, here there is an atmosphere of goodwill, light and heat!


There are a lot of beautiful places in the country, worth visiting at least once in your life !!!


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