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What is off-road tour or jeep tour?

What is off-road tour or jeep tour?

Life is short. And most of all you begin to understand it when you look back over my life. After all, in fact - the only thing that remains in a person's age - are memories. You can share them with your loved ones passing the unique experience and knowledge. And what could be brighter and more interesting than the memory of this adventure? That is what we offer in our jeep tours. That indescribable feeling when you touch something new and unknown to the ancient. This rush of adrenaline during the assault wild mountain rivers or challenging mountain climbs and descents. This unique sense of tranquility, inner harmony and touch eternity warm evenings hundreds of miles from civilization under the bottomless sky full of bright stars. We don‘t sell tours, we offer you unforgettable memories.
Company offers unique programs jeep tours that will allow you to experience all of this for one trip. But our customers always want to come back again and again. Various versions of routes can travel as much as you want - it's a fascinating photo tours and in picturesque places of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, and storms unconquered heights of the Alps, and a romantic adventure or just relaxing for the whole family.
For each client, we choose the most convenient route, fully meets requirements. We always plan the program to see the greatest number of interesting places and at the same time "to meet" in the time available at the client. However, any program can be easily fixed in specific wishes of our customers.
At the request of participants organized in various activities, participation in national ceremonies and games, familiarity with the traditions and customs of the mountain peoples. For of extreme tourism, we can offer rafting, paragliding, and in the winter - it is also a free ride (riding on the mountain slopes of the unrolled) and ski tours.
Undoubtedly any travel most important safety role.
Therefore, jeep tours in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan we offer only the best brands of SUVs Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Mitsubishi and others - cars these brands have long been recognized leaders in the field of safety, reliability and patency. All cars are a quality multistage technical inspection before each round. For even greater reliability in the jeep tour you will travel and experienced mechanic who can help in an emergency.
But that's not all.
The whole excursion you are accompanied by specially equipped duty machine with a guide and a cook, food supply and to set of all the necessary equipment for outdoor recreation. A professional guide will tell you many interesting things about the places tour the chef will make you not to waste time on cooking and devote it useful pursuits - pedestrian walks to the sights close to parking, recreation, fishing, and more.
Why jeep tour?
Answers are obvious:
• It is a journey a small or large company, the opportunity to travel with the whole family, including children.
• Lack of exhausting physical activity and the need to carry a heavy luggage, comfort and convenience in parking lots, the possibility for a short time to visit most of the attractions of the country.
• This is an opportunity of direct participation - you can drive the car yourself, but if you want to relax - can rely on our experienced drivers.
• Rich excursion, guide-interpreter will not only indicates the preferred route, but also tells a lot about the places you visit.
• And, of course, the safety of which has already been said. Availability of transport can quickly respond to any spontaneous natural phenomena and always be sure of their own safety and the safety of loved ones.
• And, of course, is the memory of a lifetime, which can be shared with friends and family. That will tell our grandchildren for a cup of tea!
How can you remain indifferent to the off-road adventure!?
We are confident that we can always pick up tours in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan so that they approached you. Also we are ready to discuss individual tour programs together to plan a route and pick up additional options.
You can leave a request with your contacts directly on the site - our specialist will contact you at a convenient time for you.
Shortly about us
LLC "Even-Tours" on the tourist market in Kyrgyzstan for more than 8 years!
We offer a variety of activities, these exciting off-road tours, cultural tours and walking, fishing, hunting, rest on Issyk-Kul, as well as booking hotels and resorts, both in Bishkek and outside the city.
LLC "Even-Tours" provides car rental services with or without driver: light sedan, oversized SUV to minivans and multi-buses.
There is also a passenger in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other neighboring countries. The most important thing for us - is safety of passenger .Our drivers are licensed for passenger transport. Mandatory, we demand compliance the rules of the SDA drivers and traffic safety.
We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide expert assist
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