9-day inspection tour \\

9-day inspection tour "The Colors Tian Shan"

«Colors of the Tien Shan» 9 day excursion tour

We invite you, with the usual eastern hospitality, to visit one of the most picturesque countries- Kyrgyzstan. In 9 days you will see many beautiful places, get acquainted with the traditions and life of nomads and just have a good time. This tour will remain in your memories for a long time a bright spot.


Short program:

Day 1. Manas-Bishkek Airport

Day 2. Bishkek - Chon Kemin

Day 3. Chon Kemin - Cholpon Ata

Day 4. Cholpon Ata - Karakol

Day 5. Karakol - Karakol

Day 6. Karakol - Bokonboevo

Day 7. Bokonbaevo - Son Kul

Day 8. Dream Kul - Bishkek

Day 9. Fly home


Tour information:

Total mileage: about 1820 km

Daily mileage: 130-370 km

Maximum height: 3500 m

Transportation: minibus Mercedes Sprinter


Day 1. Manas-Bishkek-Ala Archa Airport

06.00 Meeting at the airport

07.00 Accommodation in a hotel in Bishkek

08.00 Breakfast

10.00 Departure to the national nature reserve Ala Archa

13:00 Lunch in the open air

14.00 City tour of the capital

17.00 Acquaintance with local traditions, free time


Total kilometers per day: 160 km

Maximum height: 2000 m


Activities: a walk in the Ala-Archin gorge, a sightseeing tour around the city

You will be met at the airport and brought to the city to the hotel, what would you have breakfasted, and then taken to the national reserve "Ala-Archa". It is located very near the city and every resident of the capital can easily afford to go there every weekend. You will see that in such easy accessibility from the city the nature and fauna of these places is preserved. Stormy mountain river, high rocky mountains, numerous forests, alpine meadows - that's what you'll see in the gorge. There you will have lunch in a yurt, and after that you will go on an excursion to the city.


Day 2. Bishkek - Chon-Kemin

08.30 Breakfast

09.00 Departure

10.30 Excursion "Burana Tower"

12:30 Arrival in Chon-Keming

13.00 Accommodation at the hotel, lunch

15.00 Free time

19.00 supper


Total kilometers per day: 200 km

Maximum height: 2800 m

Activities: Excursion Burana Tower


Then you will go to Chon-Kemin. This is a unique natural complex, where there is a nature park with an area of ​​500 hectares. On three sides the valley is closed by ridges lying high above sea level (from 1400 to 2800 m). On the way you will visit the Burana tower, it is a minaret, built in the 10-11th century, which still stands in its original form, despite the endless winds, open terrain and scorching sun rays.


Day 3. Chon-Kemin-Cholpon Ata

08.30 Breakfast

09.00 Departure

10.30 On the road photo session

12:30 Arrival to Cholpon Ata

13:00 Lunch

15.00 Excursion around the gorges (Semyonovskoe, Grigorievskoe)

17.00 Accommodation in the hotel

18.00 Dinner


Total kilometers per day: 175 km

Maximum height: 1900 m

Activities: photos, excursion.


The next point is the point of the route-the city of Cholpon-Ata, to which you will go through the Boom Gorge, located on the border of the ranges of the Kirghiz Ala-Too and Kungei Ala-Too ridges, that is, you will ride among the tall rocks and the burgeoning Chu River. Along the way, we will stop at the cafe to have lunch, and then we will go to Grigorievskoe and Semenovskoe gorges. Walking through the densely growing forests of the gorges, taking photos against the backdrop of picturesque places, you will go further to rest on the azure shore of Issyk-Kul.


Day 4. Cholpon Ata - Karakol

08.30 Breakfast

09.00 Departure

10.30 Stop the photo session

12.00 Arrival in Karakol

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Excursion

18.00 Guest house

19.00 supper


Total kilometers per day: 200 km

Maximum height: 1200 m


And after breakfast we will devote the day to the study of the great city of Karakol. This city was a favorite place of the remarkable scientist and traveler Przhevalsky. There you will visit the ancient wooden Church of the Holy Trinity, the Dungan Mosque, and the Przewalski Museum. After visiting these attractions you will be accommodated in a guest house.


Day 5. Karakol - Karakol

8:00 Rise

8:30 Breakfast

9:30 Departure through the gorge

13:00 Lunch in the open air

14:00 Departure

17:00 Arrival in the city of Karakol


Total kilometers per day: 65 km

Maximum height: 3300 m


Next day we suggest you swim in hot springs. To do this, we will leave Karakol, we will get to the village of Teploklyuchenka first, and after that we will start our way up the mountain up to the Altyn-Arashan gorge. The water temperature in the springs is about 50 degrees.


Day 6. Karakol - Bokonbaevo

08.30 Breakfast

09.00 Departure

10.30 Visiting the Ghetto-Oguz gorge

12.00 Lunch in the yurt (national cuisine)

13.00 Walk to the waterfall

16.00 Arrival to Bokonbaevo

18.00 Guest house

19.00 supper


Total kilometers per day: 185 km

Maximum height: 1950 m

Activities: walk to the waterfall


Further we will go along the southern shore of Issyk-Kul to the village of Bokonbaevo. Along the way we will visit the famous Jeti-Oguz gorge and admire the picturesque waterfall "Devichye Tears". Perhaps, sometime ago, you could see these red rocks on postage stamps, they were printed in Soviet times. There, in the gorge, delicious dishes of national cuisine will be prepared for you, where you will taste them in a yurt. And after a busy day, come to Bokonbaevo and stay overnight in the guest house.


Day 7. Bokonbaevo - Son Kul

08.30 Breakfast

09.00 Departure

11.00 Fotossessia

13.00 Arrival at the lake. Son-Kul accommodation in yurts

14.00 Lunch at the lake. Dream Kul

15.00 Free time

18.00 supper


Total kilometers per day: 250 km

Maximum height: 3500 m


The second important lake in Kyrgyzstan is Son-Kul lake. It is amazing that huge pastures stretch around the whole lake. It is thanks to this that the place is so fond of nomads, there is plenty of room for grazing countless sheep flocks, it is convenient to put yurts on a smooth and smooth surface, there is plenty of drinking water, and most importantly it is clean fresh air and a magnificent view. Upon arrival at the lake, you will be offered to try dishes from freshly caught fish and a delicious lamb. The night you will spend there, on the shore of the lake in a cozy yurt.


Day 8. Dream Kul - Bishkek

08.30 Breakfast

09.00 Departure

13.00 Lunch in the Boom Gorge

17.00 Arrival to the city of Bishkek

18.00 Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner


Total kilometers per day: 370 km

Maximum height: 3500 m


And we have a way back through the familiar already Boom Gorge. Upon arrival in Bishkek, you will be served the final gala dinner and entertainment program.


Day 9. Transfer to Manas airport

 (Minimal group: 6 people)


Included in cost:

  • 8 overnights; airport transfer; full board (half meals a day), mineral water during the itinerary, accompanying guide-interpreter, entrance tickets and environmental fees, national traditions.


Not included:

  • Single accommodation: surcharge
  • Early check-in: until 12.00
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa
  • Flights
  • Expenses not declared in the program



  • Bishkek - Hotel "Bayhan" or "Futuro"
  • Chon Kemin - Ashuu Hotel
  • Cholpon Ata - "Karven" or "Aurora Plus"
  • Karakol - Hotel «Green Yard» or «Argo»
  • Bokonbaevo - Guest house
  • Son-Kul - national yurts (1 yurt for 6 people)
  • Bishkek - Hotel "Bayhan" or "Futuro"


Recommendations for the tourist:

  • The climate in Kyrgyzstan is sharply continental, so we recommend to tourists warm shoes, warm clothes, a hat, as well as sunscreen and glasses.
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